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What we believe

We believe the theatrical arts – and creativity in general – help us all to connect with one another and help us gain an understanding of the world and our place within it. We believe that making, seeing or enjoying the arts in some way enables us all to feel more fulfilled and ultimately leads to a better life.

The arts associate enjoyment with skill, order, insight. Culture and education belong together; in fact essentially are together

Quentin Blake, Author / Illustrator

Behind The Scenes

We collaborate and work in partnership with communities, artists, cultural creative individuals and organisations.

We work in partnership within the University of Essex, particularly with Art Exchange, ESCALA, The Department of Literature, Film and Theatre Studies, East 15 Acting School, Colchester Institute, The Student Union and Campus Services.

We also look beyond the University of Essex, developing connections locally, nationally and internationally. We share knowledge, encourage creative exchange, review, reflect and facilitate.

Some of our current collaborators, friends, advisors, partners and associates include Art Exchange, House, Colchester Arts Centre, The Mercury Theatre, Playgroup, 15 Queen Street, Firstsite, Colchester Institute, Segue, Real Circumstance, Gari Jones, Che Kevlin, Andrew Burton and Arts Council England.