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Thu 07 Mar


Alaska: one of the last great frontiers of the modern world. A magnificent wilderness of untamed beauty, where you can be at one with nature.  A desolate wasteland at the borderline of civilisation. A place where you can easily lose your way, your bearings and your very mind!
One man goes in search of adventure, freedom and ‘a piece of the good life’, but soon finds that the reality is no picnic. Plummeting temperatures, technical disasters (and a severe lack of any practical skills whatsoever) soon plunge our hero into a nightmarish world of extreme survival, haunted by all things living, dead and Athabascan.
Boldly following in the intrepid footsteps of Bear Grylls and Ray Mears, and using film, firelight, shadow, a whole host of forest wildlife and one hell of a soundtrack to transport you into The Unknown, Alaska is a tragi-comic riot of Pythonesque dottiness guaranteed to leave you spellbound.
Come prepared. It’s going to be Wild…

  • Thu 07 Mar
  • 7.30pm
  • 12/£8/£5
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