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Sat 18 May

Blood utilises cutting-edge motion-capture technology and animation to heighten the audience’s experience of the body in motion. Inspired by the intensely beautiful images of Gilbert and George’s Fundamental Pictures, acclaimed dancer Jean Abreu (Inside, 2012) pushes himself to the limit as he delves deep into the body in search of the raw experience of being alive.


This ground-breaking new solo will be created with an outstanding team of collaborating artists including: Italian software artists Mirko Arcese and Luca Biada (, award-winning production designer Alan Macdonald, critically-acclaimed composer Paul Wolinski of 65daysofstatic with whom Jean collaborated on INSIDE , voice coach Nia Lynn and dramaturge Lootie Bibby-Johansen.

“Highly physical yet mysteriously introspective, melding contemporary and Latin American dance forms… full of feline stealth and curiosity”  The Times

  • Sat 18 May
  • 7.30 pm
  • 12/£8/£5
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