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Malaysian Night: Crossing Lines

Sat 22 Feb

Crossing Lines is a story based on real-life experiences from multiple parties who go through the adversity of interracial dating in Malaysia. In this fictional recreation, Jeremy, a young, determined Chinese boy, and Alya, a carefree, bubbly Malay girl, falls in love at first sight. However, due to their cultural background differences, a great amount of adversities and objections come their way from multiple parties, including from the ones they love.

Throughout their journey, they face many trials and tribulations threatening their respective futures; how far are they willing to cross the lines for what they love? Are both of them strong enough to withstand the pressure of society? Join us as we explore the cultural difficulties in Malaysia through our romantic comedy play.

Age guide: 16+

  • Sat 22 Feb
  • 19:00
  • £10
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