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10:31, MCR

Wed 13 Jun - Thu 14 Jun

A new verbatim play directed by University of Essex MA Theatre Studies student Fabiana Sforza.

“It’s 6pm. The doors are open. I am going to write a book about this. A book about the goings on of tonight. A book that is only ours, with no adults allowed to twist and turn the events.”

A year on from the Manchester Arena terror attack,  student Fabiana Sforza reflects on the impact the tragedy has had on the younger generations, and presents a collage verbatim play that mixes voices and stories from different age groups, different backgrounds, different beliefs, and different times, all of these linked by the journey of Girl One and her quest to write a book about the events of the night. 


Duration: 40 min + Q&A at the end of performance with director and cast. 

Warning: Strong language, flashing lights. 

  • Wed 13 Jun - Thu 14 Jun
  • 7.45pm
  • Free