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Thu 24 Oct - Fri 25 Oct

Metamorphoses. Visceral. Beautiful. Savage. Affecting. In the face of emotional & physical transformation, the humanity of these stories, filtered through from Ovid, transcend the years to speak to our time. This production reflects the variety and persistence of pure storytelling. Love, loss, memory, imagination and mind-games, with a glimpse of the divine.

renegade exist to showcase artists and work in all mediums, to provide opportunity, to collaborate and to create innovative work and events. a new way of thinking. a sign of the times.  renegade. an invitation to be heard. voices in the dark. fragments rise like moths from the dust.

Press reaction to Gari Jones’ past work

“Gari Jones’ direction controls it firmly and sensitively and the cast respond with a bruising piece of company acting.” The Sunday Times

“A beautifully sculpted classic, its driving momentum and complex characterization are impeccably crafted and Gari Jones’ direction pays it dutiful homage.” Time Out

 “The fluidity and clarity of Jones’ production.” The Times

 “Jones ingeniously melds tales together” The Guardian

 “Cleverly conceived…Gari Jones has created a logical framework for the show and the result is coherent, powerful and disturbing. A stunning and exciting experience” The Scotsman

 “Gari Jones’ slap-hammering performance-piece…It is to Jones’ credit that the show offers so convincing an analogue of such a vision” Time Out

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