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Thu 15 Nov

From producers Fuel who brought you Going Dark bring you another show that will play with your senses.

You are invited to a meeting.

You may not know us by name, but we will probably seem familiar. Maybe we have driven you home, engaged you in small talk, smiled at you across a crowded train. We are the reassuring voices in your ear (not the ones in your head – they are your own business). You are already a valued member of the group and we’re thinking about you more and more.

Ring is a sound journey in complete darkness and an antidote to choice. The audience wear headphones that amplify the intimate details of the room, transporting you to another room that is very similar to the one that you entered. But in this room you have been recognised.

The show uses binaural sound techniques to locate the audience in a particular sound environment, giving the performance an extraordinary and unique intimacy and immediacy. Please be aware that a total blackout is used for the majority of the performance.

From director David Rosenberg (Electric Hotel, Shunt), writer Glen Neath (The Outgoing Man, and Romcom by Rotozaza) and producers Fuel (Black T-shirt Collection, Kursk).

“His work is stylish and suggestive, creating an atmosphere that stays with audiences – and troubles them too.”

In Praise of David Rosenberg | The Guardian

The show takes place in total darkness. It is sound based and involves wearing headsets.

Triggered at Warwick Arts Centre. Funded by Arts Council England

Recommended for age 16+.


Fuel produces fresh work for adventurous people by inspiring artists. Founded in 2004 and led by Louise Blackwell and Kate McGrath, Fuel is a producing organisation working in partnership with some of the most exciting theatre artists in the UK to develop, create and present new work for all ages. Fuel is currently working with Will Adamsdale, Belarus Free Theatre, Clod Ensemble, Inua Ellams, Fevered Sleep, David Rosenberg, Sound&Fury, Uninvited Guests and Melanie Wilson.

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