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Sunrise by Stacey Paull


Tue 20 Feb - Wed 21 Feb

Please note that Sunrise has been postponed to a later date. We will update once a new date has been arranged.

A Homegrown Season production by Stacey Paull, BA Drama (2023) alumni

Stacey Paull performing Sunrise

A woman cradles a limp coat in her arms. Opens the door. Biblical white light pours out onto her. Then blackness. Then silence.

Engaging with both eco drama and the tragic genre, Sunrise is a story set in post-climate apocalypse Britain.

A woman grieves the loss of both a world she once loved and a girlfriend long dead. Cut off from society, her only companionship is two sock puppets who only seek to further isolate her from reality.

When the far-right government scraps state benefits, she must choose: waste away in a room built on memory, or attempt to find beauty amongst the ashes.

This play subtly reflects many peoples experience of Covid lockdowns, allowing audiences a chance of catharsis.

Set entirely in one room, the set is cramped and cluttered.

With an approximate run time of 45 minutes, Sunrise offers a new take on climate theatre.

Moving away from grand and often anthropocentric plotlines, Sunrise instead highlights the individual experience that does not seek to scare an audience into action, but rather offer a much needed outlet for many peoples increasing climate anxiety.


Content Description

  • Death
  • Mental illness
  • Suicide
  • Tue 20 Feb - Wed 21 Feb