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The Regius Lecture: ‘A looming crisis in academic publishing?’

Tue 18 Oct

In 2013, we were awarded a prestigious Regius Professorship by Queen Elizabeth II for fifty years of excellence in research and education in our outstanding Department of Government.

Our round-table panel, convened by Regius Professor of Political Science Kristian Skrede Gleditsch, will discuss whether there is a looming crisis in academic publishing and what can be done about it.

Academic publishing plays an essential role in evaluating research through peer-review and disseminating findings. A crisis in publishing puts us at risk of losing out on benefits from scientific research.

Academic publishing is in many ways a success story, but the current model faces many challenges. Much academic research is locked away behind paywalls and inaccessible to the wider public. Libraries have seen escalating and unsustainable increases in subscription costs.

Requirements for open access can increase public access but also threaten income from subscriptions and shift costs for publishing onto researchers. Increases in submissions and workload for editors and reviewers create challenges for how peer-review is envisioned to work, with less prospects for support as returns from publishing declines.

Current trends threaten to erode the current publishing model and undermine our access to science as a collective good.

An introduction by Regius Professor of Political Science Kristian Skrede Gleditsch will take stock of current challenges to academic publishing and consider possible alternative outcomes and reform.

This will be followed by comments from colleagues at the University of Essex:

  • Hanna Crago (Open Research Development Librarian, Library and Cultural Services, University of Essex)
  • Dr Brian Phillips (Co-editor of International Studies Quarterly and Department of Government, University of Essex)
  • Dr Sara Polo (Department of Government, University of Essex)

The prepared comments will be followed by open discussion and questions from the audience.

Please join us for a drinks reception following the round-table event.

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  • Tue 18 Oct
  • 18:15
  • Free