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Mercury Online Festival Emerging Artists – Henry Burt, Fri 21 – Sun 23 Aug

Mon 10 Aug 2020

A Warm Summer Night’s Genocide

Age Guideline: 15

Warning: Graphic descriptions of violence throughout the play.

Written & Directed by Henry Burt

Arthur and Esmerelda are just your average pair of discontented thirty-somethings, struggling with the mundanity of married life. But as the world around them descends into violence and fascism, the couple are forced to put their sexual problems on hold when a fugitive turns up at their door. Written and performed by members of the University of Essex’s Theatre Arts Society, A Warm Summer Night’s Genocide is a crude and humorous spin on the world’s steady backslide towards fascism.


ARTHUR – Arran Wylde-Eccles
ESMERELDA – Imogen Hann
STEFAN – Aidan Rockey

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