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Mercury Online Theatre Emerging Artist – Kirsty McMachan, Fri 21 – Sun 23 Aug

Fri 14 Aug 2020

the walls of brick

Writer/director: Kirsty McMachan
Film/editing: Imogen McKay

Age guideline – 15+

‘the walls of brick’ is a practice-as-research project seeking to examine the stigma that surrounds the lesser-known symptoms of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. Through Zoom workshops with three female-identifying actors who also have OCD, Kirsty has devised a piece of autobiographical theatre that combines poetry and physicality. Working within each of their homes, and complying with the rules of lock down, the resulting film is intended to be both educational to the audience and empowering to those who live with an often trivialise mental illness.


Kirsty McMachan
Ruby Barry
Marina Cusi-Sanchez
Amy Laverick
Joey Cadge
Archie McMachan
Lorna McMachan

Trigger warnings – Mild swearing, potential triggers for those with OCD rituals (images of repetition, intrusive thoughts, compulsive hand-washing), flashing words appear on screen, blood, mentions of rape, incest, paedophilia, suicide

instagram – @wallsofbrick

Kirsty McMachan
Instagram: @kmcmachan
Twitter: @kmcmachan

Imogen McKay
Instagram: @imy_inspired
Twitter: @ImyMckay
Youtube: I’m Imy

Ruby Barry
Instagram: @bazz_wazz
Twitter: @barrybunkum

Marina Cusi Sanchez
Instagram: @mariinacusi

Amy Laverick
Twitter: @amy_lavvy

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