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Here at Lakeside Theatre we aim to present and produce creative and theatrical experiences that are provoking, entertaining, popular, eclectic, brave and contradictory.

We celebrate the power of the well-made play and have a passionate enthusiasm for the theatre of the future.

We encourage creative collaboration, ensemble theatre making and innovative contemporary performance while recognising the value of individual creative vision.

We want to work with the brilliant and the brave whether they are established theatrical artists, newcomers, novices or the next generation of theatre makers.

We aim to be at the heart of our local community and extend our welcome to the world. We will always be Creative in Colchester and Made in Essex.

We will celebrate the populist and the high art and provide opportunity for them to co-exist

We will provide opportunity for as many people as possible to make, see and enjoy the theatrical arts.

Great theatre, affordable tickets, hot coffee and all beside a beautiful lake.