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Meet the Director: Vicky Moran

Mon 2 Mar 2020

We managed to have a video chit chat with Essex University Alumni Vicky Moran on her new production No Sweat, she gives us the insides of the challenges she faced whilst making a show that navigates the harsh reality of homelessness in the LGBTQ+ community and also, just why students need to take advantage of having an affordable theatre on campus!

We asked her 5 questions and we absolutely loved her answers check out the video!

Tell us about yourself and your journey?

What is No Sweat all about?

Did you encounter any challenges during the creation of No Sweat?

What is your advice to other Theatre Makers?

Finally, why should people come and see No Sweat at Lakeside Theatre?


No Sweat is coming to Lakeside Theatre this Wednesday 4 March at 7.30pm book here!

Keep up to date with Vicky through her social media platforms.

Instagram: vmoran123

Twitter: vickymoran94