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‘Preparing for the Rabbit Hole’ – Student Company

Thu 18 Oct 2012

‘Preparing for the Rabbit Hole’

At the very beginning, Tid told us the aim of our intimate little company was to make ‘great shit’. Obviously, there is more to the company than that, as we learned during the second session.

This time together was about learning the skills required to make that shit and make it great. Tid throws in the odd life changing comment that you’d normally have to read in self-help books after paying £10, but its mainly about theatre.

It might seem all fun and games on the outside, it certainly feels like fun and games, and a little bit silly but the Lakeside Theatre Student Company (or LTSC) is a safe place to forget your troubles in the outside world, be who ever you want to be and be to silly together. Unconsciously though, we are learning about the true magic of working together and the three ‘awares’: yourself, your instructions and your audience.

Acting is more than the delivery of lines. These games are helping us as human being first, then as actors before we fall into the rabbit hole of theatre. Some of the games we played included ‘Zip, Zap, Boing’ (a game Tid hopes to share over 30 actions to eventually) and Killer Tick, a far more interesting way of learning people’s names when your life depends on it!

We also experimented with dialogue, keeping to ten lines without revealing the subject of our conversation. This makes you realise the weight of your words, even if its just “Did you see it?”

If you weren’t able to attend the last session, or haven’t yet made an appearance, please feel free to come and join us next week. And if you could, bring some men!

Charlie Emma Hay

To let us know you can’t make a session or for more information please email



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