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The Art Café is coming…

Fri 14 Oct 2016

Would you like a place on campus to read books and make friends?

Need a cosy nook to discuss the best works from the annals of art history?

Want to bring back the bustling cafe culture that influenced Paris’s ‘Lost Generation’ in the 1920s? (Okay, that one’s a bit of a stretch.)

Then come on down to The Art Café, an initiative brought to you by “L’Art pour l’art” – the University of Essex’s art society – and the Lakeside Theatre. This concept has been developed with the aspiration to make art accessible to the many. The Art Café is open to all, allowing attendees full access to the society’s collection of books. The collection includes poetry, philosophy & art history texts. All books will be free for you to read in the warm, hospitable atmosphere of the Lakeside Theatre Café.

The first Art Café will take place on Monday 24th October at 3pm-5pm.

Please note: the books which belong to the collection will not be available to withdraw and must be returned at the end of the event, so everyone is able to have access to them in the future.