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Flat 2B

Tue 06 Nov - Wed 07 Nov

Directed by Finn Todd

The man in flat 2B has plans with a mug of coffee, the sofa and today’s newspaper. The neighbours have other ideas.

The new tenants in 2A incessantly ask for favours – a drop of milk for a cup of tea, some bleach to clean the toilet bowl, lifting a heavy wardrobe down to the basement. They’re also incredibly argumentative and noisy. Until this average Thursday morning, when the arguing is silenced with several loud cracks and thuds…

What do you do if you think you live next to a serial killer?

Flat 2B is a short play by Essex graduate Chloe Atkinson, experimenting with the idea that sometimes actions don’t need to be seen if they can be heard through thin walls.
This dark comedy filled with sex, death, and copious amounts of caffeine is one not to miss.

  • Tue 06 Nov - Wed 07 Nov
  • 19:45
  • £5
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