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A beginner’s guide to saving the NHS, our human rights and everything

Mon 17 Oct

Part of the University Of Essex’s Professorial Inaugural Lecture (PIL) series

Professor Peter Beresford
Honorary Lecturer & Professor of Citizen Participation at the University of Essex

The Brexit vote should make us all pause about the state of our democracy and the chances of holding on to all we hold most dear. Twenty first century Britain has made turkeys of us all by convincing enough people that by voting for Christmas they will keep the foreign turkeys out.

How do we break the impasse which means that institutions we need and love, from the National Health Service and Universities like Essex, to the schools our children need and the libraries and public spaces that bring joy and meaning to our lives, are not whittled away and lost forever? This inaugural lecture will argue that this has to be day one for a new and different approach to policy and opposition to make this possible and will chart the form it needs to take.

  • Mon 17 Oct
  • 16:00
  • Free
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