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Wed 26 Nov

The workshop will explore new ways of looking at The Tempest and the play’s relevance today.  Taking the play as a starting point we will explore the magic of language, the power of words to conjure up imaginative worlds, and also to curse. Shakespeare’s play begins with a storm performed by Ariel at Prospero’s command and participants will have the chance to invent physical rituals or cast spells to rally the winds, raise the waves and make a tempest.

Participants will be introduced to approaches to writing around Shakespeare’s text in their own words, drawing personal and political connections and translating into accessible, contemporary language. We will write and perform stories of the play from the perspective of Prospero’s servants, Ariel and Caliban, exploring themes of servitude and what it means to be free. Using the honourable noble Gonzalo’s speech about his ideal commonwealth for inspiration, participants will be invited to propose their versions of utopia.

  • Wed 26 Nov
  • 14:00
  • Free for UoE students, £10 Public.
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